Let’s start with OneNote. Recommended by a friend also studying externally, OneNote is a free note taking software that has cloud-based features. I particularly like this tool because of its ability to access notes offline and through the app. I can take notes, record ideas and write essays on my laptop and then access on my phone through the app. One downside is it seems to chew up the battery, so if you are going to use it for an extended period of time make sure you find yourself a power point. Handy Travel Tip: Check bathrooms, McDonald’s, behind couches in cafes and if you are super desperate the back of supermarkets, near the fridges…

Accessing, Interact2 was completely dependent on the strength of the Wi-Fi. I loved playing with http://speedtest.xfinity.com/ to see the connection strength.  If I was just accessing the text of the course content I could use a weaker, slower signal (5mbps) however if I wanted to watch the linked videos, access the CSU library or research further articles I needed a stronger signal (10mbps). Hotel lobbies and foyers usually had the best signal, however the best Wi-Fi experience was at Sey Beach Bar in Oludeniz, we stayed an extra three nights here, and I managed to get through over 9 readings, 4 blog posts and started writing my proposal.

Storing this work and my developing ideas was made easy through the use of Google Drive. Being able to save files from my computer that could be access on my phone, streamlined my work flow. I was able to work faster, with more efficiency because of the interconnectivity of the platform.

Finally I used my ThinkSpace Blog to reflect and tie my personal learning together into an accessible and user-friendly space.  I designed the layout of my blog with two purposes in mind firstly I enjoy re-reading my work and reflecting on my thoughts and secondly I intend on using the blog throughout my Masters degree. This meant that I need to organize information carefully into categories and spend time on presenting my work in inviting and engaging ways the promotes reflection.