This was a group task where myself and three other fantastic educators from Australia used online collaboration tools to plan, design and build an online learning module. Our module was designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to collaboratively curate resources, and ethically create and share materials they build. Each member of our team created one learning artifact that contributed to the overall module. 

Check out out module and please feel free to leave feedback on the “Educator Guide” page.   

After completing the six week project, it was important for me to critically reflect on this collaborative journey. I have not participated in a project like this before, and as such this was new and wonderful learning experience. Not only was I incredibly satisfied of what we created, but even more proud of how we worked as a team to get the job down. Check out my full reflection here.

Assessment 3: Reflective Post

For the first month or so of this course I positioned digital citizenship as a concept, that should be explicitly taught to student but isn’t  clearly outlined in the Australian national curriculum. I believe if you were to combine elements of the digital...