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Applying my understanding of KN into the classroom

This semester I have really enjoyed exploring the concept of Knowledge Networking (KN) and now have a new appreciation for its role in learning and knowledge construction. I want to share these same experiences with my students by helping them to develop their own KN. Ideally this would increase student independence and autonomy as well as promoting collaboration and team work.

So what will this look like?

This year, I am required to run an extra-curricular activity (ECA) after school with junior school students. This elective type program offers students with the opportunity to enroll in a range of activities including rugby, painting, cooking, gymnastics and music. My ECA will be focused on exploring web 2.0 tools that students can use to enrich their learning.

So what tools will I teach and why?

I have broken down the tools I want to teach into three categories, Sharing, Creating & Finding. I am still finding and deciding on which to teach, as there are so many, but taking into consideration the needs of the learners I have narrowed it down to the following.


  • PowToon – Create videos to present knowledge and understanding of concepts.
  • Canva
  • The Plot – Sequencing scenes could be used for structuring writing tasks such as historical recounts, scientific procedures or steps in solving maths problem.


  • Google Suite – Using Google Docs, Slides and Sheets to collaborate.
  • Padlet – Sharing ideas
  • Student Choice – Ask students which tool/s they prefer using to collaborate and share ideas.


  • Britannica Kids
  • YouTube – What do “good” learning videos look like? How can I use YouTube to find out information?
  • Khan Academy personalised learning resources for students.

So how am I going to do this?

Over the nine week ECA program I will focus on a new tool every week. There will be a lot of content to cover and explicit teaching needed to introduce the features of each tool so I will use a Flipped learning approach, to allow more time for me to support students and extend their use of the tool. Using Google Classroom as the ECA platform I will post a video of the new tool the week before. This will allow students time to explore the tool themselves so when entering the ECA they can activate their prior knowledge.

if you are interested and want to develop your understanding of flipped learning I highly recommend checking out Yabro et al. (2014). Their comprehensive review of flipped learning included models used in K-12 and higher education institutions. Check it out!

Yarbro, J., Arfstrom, K. M., McKnight, K., & McKnight, P. (2014). Extension of a review of flipped learning. Arlington, VA: Flipped Learning Network. Retrieved from http://flippedlearning.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Extension-of-FLipped-Learning-LIt-Review-June-2014.pdf


  1. Hi Claire.
    I love the idea that you have students involved in an ECA that will allow them to make decisions about their own learning and provide them with the tools to express themselves. Has your school year just started? I am interested to know what the take-up is for this opportunity and if the students are interested in developing their learning? I can’t wait to hear how your sessions go and if you see them using the tools in other areas of the school. Good luck.

    • claire.hazenberg

      29/09/2018 at 4:02 pm

      Thanks for the comment and support Emma! Developing student independence and autonomy informs a major part of my teaching practice. OMG that is so funny you ask. Yes school has started we are into Week 5 of Term 1 and only one student has enrolled! I am so devastated. Haha. Fingers crossed I will get some more, otherwise I will switch to my back up LEGO NXT robotics plan.

  2. Hi Claire,
    I like the way you divided the tools into categories. Makes me want to go back and look at mine. I think I am mostly experimenting with creating tools right now.
    We use Google Suite at work but have not had much guidance in it. Your video on Google + was great for me to personally use. Our faculty has been using a google classroom for discussion items but it just wasn’t working out. So I have set up the Google + community and it seems to be perfect.

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