Contemporary Education Professionals

This subject is students will examine core concepts about being a contemporary education professional across a range of contexts in order to formulate personal professional learning goals. They will investigate issues, and develop skills of critical analysis and reflection, as they engage with diverse materials and with each other during the subject. Students will reflect on their new understandings and learnings through the lens of their own contexts, experiences and beliefs. A further core element of this subject is the development of skills to use ICTs and digital technologies to support learning throughout the Masters program, and in the preparation of an ongoing e-Portfolio.

Learning Experiences

  • Module 1: Tertiary study skills for post- graduate study
  • Module 2: The critically reflective practitioner
  • Module 3: Various
    • Topic 1 – An overview of current issues in education.
    • Topic 2 – Globalisation, politics, ideologies & curriculum
    • Topic 3 – Changing conceptualisations of knowledge and knowing
    • Topic 4 – New technologies and literacies
    • Topic 5 – Diversity

Knowledge and Knowing: A need for change in education

In the thought-provoking article, Pleasure, Beauty and wonder: Educating for the Knowledge Age, John Eger begins by suggesting that the challenges learners face today is not the process of acquiring knowledge but in determining its validity and authenticity. As a...

Technology, Globalisation and Culture: A classroom story

I was teaching a Grade 4 class about digital citizenship and internet safety. We were looking at different statistic and infographics when I showed the class a map of the world colour-coded by percentage of internet users. One student then put up her hand and said, “I...

Culture, Language and Diversity: Being a reflexive and critical

In Chapter 4 of Diversity and difference in early childhood education : Issues for theory and practice by Robinson & Jones (2005), the authors provide a critical perspective of how multiculturalism and constructions of “whiteness” inform and shape early childhood...