Educational Applications of Information Technology

This subject will consider a range of individual differences which influence student learning, methods for gathering data about learning, and ways of assisting children to improve and expand their learning using information technology. Students will recognise different kinds of knowledge, know the learning environments appropriate for developing different kinds of knowledge and be able to select suitable software for promoting the development of particular knowledge. Students will be aware of a variety of ways of assessing learning outcomes, be familiar with diagnostic assessment procedures, be able to assess the educational needs of individuals and groups found in normal classrooms, and be confident in selecting appropriate courseware to meet students’ needs. 

Learning Experiences

  • Module 1: Sociopolitical contexts of technology in education
  • Module 2: The nature and purpose of educational technology
  • Module 3: Technological tools
  • Module 4: Theoretical models
  • Module 5: Pedagogy and technology
  • Module 6: Future-thinking
  • Task 1: Analysis of perspectives, nature and purpose
  • Task 2 : Portfolio

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