“Under the direction of leadership at my school we are required to be active members of “Professional Learning Committees” or PLC’s. We have seven committees that cover topics such as numeracy, literacy, science, humanities, technology, community partnerships and student wellbeing. Each PLC is required to stay up to date with their relevant area, provide peer learning sessions and act as a “first port of call” for classroom teachers.

I propose to make an instructional video on the importance of accessing PLC’s online and how committee facilitators and members can use Google+ Communities as a platform for engaging and contributing to PLC’s.

I believe networking platforms such a Google+ Communities need to be used in conjunction with other tools so I would be creating this video as part of a three-part YouTube series that would cover other synchronous and asynchronous tools for networking such as Google Hangouts/Meets and Classroom.”

This is my proposal for my INF532 knowledge artfeact. Today I received tick of approval from my lecturer to proceed with the creation. I have four week to create an artefact that explores learning networks and ways to  be a connected learner. In addition I will be writing an exegesis that uses research to justify my design choices as well as the using current literature to provide a theoretical background.

My next step now is to storyboard my video ready for production. I will be using The Plot an online storyboarding tool to map out the different tools I will be using, including Photobooth, PowToons, iMovie, Quicktime Screencast and Quicktime Voice recorder.

This is the storyboard so far.

I really like using Plot as a storyboarding tool. It’s a well designed and simple tool, allowing users to create and move scenes around a grid. In each scene you can choose to include an image, script and action details. My favourite feature so far is the text pane sidebar. It reminds me of Microsoft’s SmartArt feature where text can be entered either into the diagram or the text pane. I think this promotes fluidness and focuses on the narration and dialogue of the video.

I know from using PowToons before that the site suggests creating and narrating a script first before adding animations. In this regard, Plot and Powtoons go hand in hand and definitely recommend to anyone creating a PowToons to consider using Plot to plan the animation.

One feature that I have yet to use is the collaboration tool. If working in a team you can add team members to the storyboard so you can work collaboratively without even having to talk to them.