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I am a middle aged woman embarking on a second career amidst the chaos of wife-hood and motherhood.  I have a passionate love affair with craft and am loath to have to reduce my crafty side over the next few years.

I am currently working as a Teacher Librarian in a secondary school in Canberra in a part time capacity.  I was previously a casual relief teacher for two years before I applied for and was employed in this role.  In a previous life, I was a medical scientist and was adept at diagnosing and detecting cancerous lesions in various organ systems. I love my job.  I have always been an avid reader and have dreamed of working in a library as a child.  As a teacher, I enjoy the curriculum planning and resourcing that comes with being a TL.  This is definitely a favourite aspect of my job and I greatly enjoy working with my colleagues in designing, planning and implementing various units of work across the curriculum.

One of the conditions obtaining this position was that I complete my M(Ed) in Teacher Librarianship.  So that’s why I am here, blogging instead of piecing my next patchwork project.  Rumour has it that this course will broaden my mind and enrich my understanding of my role…. Fact, is that for me to keep a job that I absolutely love means I need to do this course.  I am definitely a practical sort so I am lovingly finishing my last few projects before the session commences.

Farewell my sewing kit, my jelly rolls and rasant thread.  Farewell my cotton yarn and crochet hook.  Farewell… till the mid-semester break at least.  It is not goodbye.  Just a brief sojourn in the spare room wardrobe.


  1. I feel your crafty-heart break 💔 As much as I am super excited about beginning this new journey, moving aside the singer to make way for the Mac-book was a little sad. Good luck with your journey, I’m sure we will be too overloaded with amazing new ideas to miss the projects too much 😉

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