ETL507 Professional Reflective Portfolio

Part A TL’s proactively engage their knowledge of curriculum and pedagogy skills with their specialised expertise as information professionals to collaborate with school administration, teachers, students and the wider school community to design, resource and deliver authentic learning experiences. TL’s are a key leader in promoting and supporting a dynamic culture of reading, information seeking […]

ETL523 Assessment 2 Reflection

I did a small “action research” project for my Primary Education degree in the mid 1990’s. I decided to focus on and facilitate collaborative learning with my class. I called my project “Everyone Has a Part to Play”, focusing on explicit teaching of expected behaviours and a mindset in cooperative learning that “we all have […]

The Backbones to Online Collaborative Learning

We are about to form groups for our first assessment in ETL523 Digital Citizenship in Schools. My learning and experience in ETL504 Teacher Librarian as a Leader gave me some confidence and knowledge to fall back on as I approached this new group learning task. I knew that clear, regular, established lines of communication was […]

ETL523 Digital Citizenship in Schools: Steve Wheeler Reflection.

  After watching Steve Wheeler’s (2015) keynote address I reflected on my recent casual teaching day, teaching Year 6. During Maths, students had to use problem solving to draw a perfect pentagon with equal sides and angles. What was a simple instruction turned out to take most of the lesson. Students were challenged, engaged and […]

Leading from the middle

Leading from the middle has two meanings: 1. Type of leadership style 2. Position within the organisation Leading from the middle involves: * being visible * proactive in school and school community * create perception that I am the go-to person for curriculum, resourcing, literacy, information literacy, reference, research, copyright * being a change agent […]

Learning to Lead

Learning to Lead I am now halfway through my master’s degree. I have loved my journey of learning and growing and being stretched and challenged academically, professionally and personally. I have always felt that this subject would be my greatest challenge as I struggle with seeing myself as a direct, outspoken leader. My leadership style […]

ETL504 Teacher Librarian as Leader – Introductions Forum

July 30 Introductory forum post. Hi there, I am excited to finally be on board with this subject. I spent the first week volunteering at the Birdsville Big Red Bash. It’s an amazing experience combining camping (totally roughing it) with Australian music. It packed a unique experience of the Simpson Desert I’ll never forget. I […]

ETL503 Creative Commons Attribution Example

Here is my example of writing an attribution using Creative Commons licensing. A fitting display of books to read to your primary school students on their first day of school or first visit to the library. Only fitting for one week out before school starts for 2019! Creator: oddharmonic Title: Back-to-school Library Display URL: […]

ETL503 Copyright, Creative Commons and the Library: Helpful Websites

Copyright, Creative Commons and the Library: Helpful websites. 1. Creative Commons Information Pack for Teachers and Students 2. This is a great site 3. How to find Creative Commons Licensed Materials. 4. Australian Library and Information Association. (n.d). ALIA on online content regulation. Retrieved from: 5. Australian Digital Alliance and Australian Libraries Copyright […]