Reflective Post 4

In this subject, ASC100 during session 2, it has taught me many skills regarding scientific writing and critical thinking. Initially, I thought that this course wasn’t that necessary as it was not that interesting to start off. However, as the course progressed the content that I have been exposed to was in fact very appealing, especially the engaging practicals and I feel that it is very beneficial for me in order to get a hands-on experience with animals. For example, to start off I wasn’t properly aware of a chicken’s basic requirements to grow in a healthy manner, after a few classes I was able to understand the basic needs and environmental set-ups suitable for a chicken to live well. I have learnt that these skills are very useful to also be knowledgeable about experiment and to write the research report.

I was not as collaborative previous to this course, but now have learnt to be able to better communicate with my peers in group tasks about experiments. When I have been through the lectures, I have sufficient knowledge further assisting with my practicals. I find that I have benefit greatly from ASC100 as it has taught me the skills to not only approach new people, but also critical thinking skills in practicals.

There are many things that I have learnt from myself throughout this course that I thought I won’t have developed skills such as writing reports, critical thinking, and meeting people if I didn’t take study ASC100. The subject has benefit greatly and all the basics I need will help to grow in the next few years of my course.

Lastly, the practicals in this subject are what really piqued my curiosity from the start. The lectures also provide a range of topics for students, to pick their study route in this industry. However, there are a few limitations in this subject, as I find the subject limited to only farm animals. I also think that the assessment tasks are spread out throughout the session, which I find hard as I rather have fewer tasks with greater value for marks.

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