Reflective Post 3

Teamwork necessitates collaboration which serves as the foundation for successful communication, which boosts performance. I was assigned to the dairy cattle group, which comprised five of my peers and me. Only two people in this entire group (due to our metropolitan origins) had any expertise or experience with dairy animals.

We created a Facebook group chat to notify our group members when we located them on the table. We decided to zoom in, and everyone on campus gathered at the library to meet everyone and turn in the signed agreement sheet. The team’s communication and connection improved as a result of this. We then discussed the topic of dairy cattle in order to guarantee that everyone on the team had a basic understanding of the topic. Everyone in the group participated in this conversation and voiced individual viewpoints on the topic, which created confidence among team members and prompted a flurry of questions for the next time we spoke with the lecturer.

As we struggled to figure out our next step, we concentrated on problem solving skills. At the next zoom meeting, we told the speaker that the topic was far too wide and that we needed help determining which category should be prioritised. As a result, we regained our confidence. Finally, we agreed to focus on “birth to weaning,” with inclusion of health, production, and welfare categories. We scheduled a Zoom meeting to discuss work distribution and who explores certain topics. This enhanced my problem-solving, communication, and productivity skills.


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