Career and Study Plan

I chose to study in the degree Bachelor of animal science as it will help pave the way to what I truly want career-wise. The steps that I will need to do in order to achieve my dream goal are to continue to finish my animal science course and try to receive another degree in animal behaviour/psychology or in Veterinary science, in the animal health industry. Obtaining this degree I feel will be a benefit for me further enhancing my options to different pathways; to move forward into a career in the industries of, dogs, cats, horses, beef cattle, dairy cattle, poultry, sheep, aquaculture, wildlife etc. If I decide not to do a vet degree, and want to change my mind and go down a different path in this industry. I also plan on getting experience, in the certification in behaviour and psychology of dogs. I also feel that before I can achieve this I will need to be fairly good at my current course for the next few years so I can have a better understanding of all the options and knowledge about the industry. Being a researcher and scientist is the start of being inside of the animal industry and then moving towards becoming an animal vet or behaviourist. The electives I want to chose for the following years of study are:

  • ASC525 Domestic Animal Behaviour (8)
  • ASC305 Parasitology (8)
  • ASC311 Comparative Anatomy and Physiology (8)
  • ASC332 Applied Animal Nutrition (8)
  • BIO439 Behavioural Ecology (8)

This course has also helped achieve heaps of skills and knowledge, such as building confidence with my peers from group assessments, lectures and practical’s. This will help me apply this experience in real work-force, especially while I do my work experience and placements. I would like to gain in-person experience of how it feels like to be in the workplace. I also wish to do some AHEMS placements on different animal industries, specifically small animals (dogs and cats) or wildlife. Furthermore, this would increase my practical and social skills, and also learn from professionals. I am willing to see where this course will spark my interests in the animal industry, and hopefully be working in a job such as an animal behaviourist that truly interests me. 

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