Reflective Post

Throughout my high school, I have developed my skills as a team player at a substantial level. Working in a group for this experiment has improved those skills that encourage me to try my best to contribute positively to team activities and has taught me the importance of effective communication. In high school, I had the opportunity to lead and contribute to several different group projects and I believe my communication and management abilities coupled with my research and analysis skills help me to be a versatile and well-rounded team member. The entire approach from the topic research, discussion with my group, distributing tasks amongst ourselves and entering our 4 week results into excel for this experiment helped me to understand the various facets of this particular topic. In addition to this, it has also helped me grow personally by enabling me to coordinate with other team members despite any issues that may arise. I also learnt that it is very important for the team members to trust each other with respect to their capabilities and see to it that the assigned parts are completed on time. Unfortunately, waking up early was a requirement which was a bit disconcerting. Nevertheless, the actual chicken experiment was very interesting, and overall it was a proactive experience that helped me learn. Looking forward to performing more of such experiments with hands-on experience with animals in session 2. Although I hope that in the next session we will not have to wake up early as often.

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