Reflective Post 2

This first semester I found my ASC100 class to be very new and not what I expected at all. We learned more than just what you would in a normal science-orientated subject. The class was not only theory-based but highly hands-on with the animals. This subject involved active engagement and visual media which helped aid my study style, as I am classified as a visual learner. Visual media such as graphics in presentations and videos helped grasp certain knowledge faster and on a deeper level.

While working in a team I had already mastered putting in hard work into the parts assigned by the team since high school. Although working within a team in this subject made me realise that my communication skills have improved. In addition, I also learned that I was not just collaborating with different people but people with different mindsets. Hence, this made me understand my team members better. However, I have yet to improve on time management skills, to complete work by the deadline set.

Personally, I enjoyed performing practicals as it involved direct physical contact with animals in this subject. Specifically, practical involving sheep, where we had to practice handling techniques. The cow practical in which we restrain cows was also a very appealing component in this subject. I am looking forward to learning anatomy and physiology in session 2, as I always found the science behind the way animals function interesting. Hence I am keen and open to learning the internal knowledge of animals.

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