Module 7 – 2020 Reading cultures

Do we need a reality check on future directions? Discuss the major findings of this research. How will this influence your school/tertiary organisation? O’Connell et al. (2015), commented that “technology has outpaced both fundamental conceptual understanding, and research” and that school libraries are struggling to harness this technology productively (p. 197 & 205); meaning that much […]

Module 7 – Digital Storytelling

Reflecting on your experience of creating a digital story, discuss what you have learnt about what digital storytelling is and what it is not. Through the readings across INF533 and my creation of the digital narrative, Sticking Around, I have come to understand the following about digital storytelling (DS): DS is more than the act […]

Assessment 4: Part B – Digital Story Telling Project

Sticking Around – Interactive picture poetry   Contributors: Michaela Harris (nee Crook) – page author, primary contributor. Nay Allen Brad Crook Mary-Ellen Quirk Jason Slack Cover image:  ‘Red Wall’, from @Stick_It_Around on Instagram, created by MJ Harris. Background audio: ‘Linne’ (Unknown artist) Royalty free from Epidemic Sound. Silhouette images: All images were sourced through, with the exception of: Eyes eyebrows black […]

Module 6 – Fair Use vs. Fair Dealing.

What are some differences between Fair Use (US copyright law) and Fair Dealing (Australian copyright law)? Unlike Australia’s Fair Dealing copyright law, the US Fair Use law is distinguishable by its lack of prescribed categories of use and instead uses four factors of statutory fairness; these factors must be balanced to determine the use of […]

Module 5.2 – Digital Tools

Share your experiences of digital tools (strengths and weaknesses), either those you have used for your own creation or those used in the classroom for student creation of digital artefacts. Share any implementation strategies that you may have used. Digital tools I have implemented for the creation of student digital artefacts have included Seesaw, Book […]

Module 4.1 – Digital Storytelling

What questions or answers have formed in your mind in relation to digital storytelling?  As a creator of digital works (under my penname, Eddie Nigma, at Blogorrhea if anyone is interested), I have seldom viewed digital literature through a consumer lens. Let alone an educational lens. Through the module readings, I have come to understand […]

Assessment 3: Digital Storytelling Topic Proposal

Proposed Topic: ‘Sticking Around’ – Exploring the hidden narratives of graffiti through digital poetry. Utilising photos of a sticker-wall located in Brisbane and digitally born poetry that explores self-expression, identity, and belonging. Inspiration drawn from the interactive narrative stylisation of ‘Mary Rose’ created by Natasha Nunn. Proposed Digital Tools/Spaces: The intended tool to be used […]