Module 5.2 – Digital Tools

Share your experiences of digital tools (strengths and weaknesses), either those you have used for your own creation or those used in the classroom for student creation of digital artefacts. Share any implementation strategies that you may have used. Digital tools I have implemented for the creation of student digital artefacts have included Seesaw, Book […]

Module 4.1 – Digital Storytelling

What questions or answers have formed in your mind in relation to digital storytelling?  As a creator of digital works (under my penname, Eddie Nigma, at Blogorrhea if anyone is interested), I have seldom viewed digital literature through a consumer lens. Let alone an educational lens. Through the module readings, I have come to understand […]

Assessment 3: Digital Storytelling Topic Proposal

Proposed Topic: ‘Sticking Around’ – Exploring the hidden narratives of graffiti through digital poetry. Utilising photos of a sticker-wall located in Brisbane and digitally born poetry that explores self-expression, identity, and belonging. Inspiration drawn from the interactive narrative stylisation of ‘Mary Rose’ created by Natasha Nunn. Proposed Digital Tools/Spaces: The intended tool to be used […]

Module 3.2 Reflection

Explore innovative digital literature sites. What did you enjoy most? Is there anything about these types of works that really stand out for you in regard to being forms of literature? When reading digital forms, I tend to seek out poetic works, experimental novels, and other artistic forms, as I find the digital affordances enhance […]

Review 3 – Digital texts that PopOut!

Loud Crow Interactive (2017)  creates premium digital books that engage readers of all ages through innovative digital adaptions of print-born texts. A retelling of the classic children’s story by Beatrix Potter (1893), Loud Crow’s PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit is an award-winning enhanced picture book designed for convenient reading on smartphone and tablet platforms. […]

Review 1 – Exploring the Blue Mountains through an educational game

  ‘Would you be a good explorer?’ (WYBAGE) is an interactive, browser-based game created by the National Museum of Australia (NMA, 2020) as part of their digital learning collection on Australian history. Adopting the role of an explorer crossing the Blue Mountains in 1813, readers must utilise comprehension skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to […]

Module 2.3 – Challenges of using digital literature in the classroom – Discussion

Small ways in which a TL could alter their pedagogy and practice to ensure technology and digital literature are embedded into core aspects of learning Viewing digital literacy both as a resource and as an avenue for student production. Embedding a mixture of narratological, stylistic, semiotic, and ludological methods towards digital literacy (Allan, 2017, p. […]

Module 2.1 – Digital environments

 As an educator who is still relatively early within their career, I am ashamed to say that I have tended to use more traditional approaches towards teaching literature – simply because of the demographic of the school. The school I previously worked at before the pandemic/my move, was low socio-economic, largely Indigenous, and rural (meaning […]