Group Case Study 3 (1st as a group)

Reflecting on our first case study.

Leadership styles present –

Situational Leadership – Our group decided to have a video chat to get to know each other. Leaders emerged in the group based on experience with technology, use of wikis and the amount of course completed. Myself and another student took the lead in discussion and creating the wiki.

Transformational Leadership – This transitioned into transformational leadership as goals were set with deadlines for contribution to the wiki. With the shared goal of a paragraph length set and a number of references. This was agreed upon by the group.

Servant Leadership – My own personal style often links to servant leadership. I believe that to be a good leader you have to put others first and be willing to do what you are asking others to do. So I volunteered to compile the information given and present it in the main forum by the end of the week. I hope in turn this will motivate others to put themselves forward and be willing to serve during the next case study.

Initially it was difficult for us to decide upon a way of communicating that met everyones needs. I’m still not convinced we have. The face to face chat was excellent and bridged the gap of technology for many of us. However our group is unsure of how to use a wiki still with many choosing to use the comment section rather than being confident in altering the wiki itself.

To date this is the best video I have seen explaining wikis.


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