ETL504 – Before we begin

During our first online meeting it was suggested that we complete a blog post about our expectations of Teacher Librarians as Leaders in a school setting. Hopefully to see how we have grown over the course of the semester.

To summarise:

  • Teacher Librarians should have the goal of being specialists in literature and using information services (usually online) e.g. Google, wikipedia. Hopefully this would lead to sharing these skills with the wider school community and taking leadership roles in this regard.
  • We should have the goal to work collaboratively with staff to help them resource and structure students learning to best teach with 21st century learning skills.
  • Often librarians are more of a quiet leadership. One that takes place through building relationships.
  • Librarians need to be willing to reach out of our comfort zone and endeavour to find ways to change the stereotype of the library to benefit our students and wider school communities.
  • Librarians need to fight for professional development opportunities and then pass these on to the wider school community.
  • Librarians need to provide opportunities for other staff e.g. library technicians and our students to explore leadership skills as well. e.g. Library Monitors.