“Managing in the Info Era” – Colvin

Module 1


Exploring the Library site – How does the CSU library change information sources into information resources?

  • Granting access to articles and books
  • Running classes to teach skills in information sourcing to students and staff
  • Search Tools
  • Allowing resources to be grouped by subjects and tags
  • Opportunities to gather more resources by requesting articles from outside sources to be added to the collection

How does the content of Colvin’s article relate the school libraries? In point form, note down your thoughts on your blog.

Initial notes:

  • Changing view of education from training factory workers to a 21st century skills in a knowledge based economy – Ken Robinson
  • create, judge, imagine, relationships

When reading through the article I couldn’t help but be reminded of Ken Robinson’s talk “Changing Education Paradigms“. More explicitly about the concept of how schools were designed in the late 18th and early 19th century. This then caused my brain to go ding and remind me of the Framework for 21st Century Learning skills Website. On a more practical level this article made me think about the importance of teaching students in an open ended and Inquiry learning based model where students can practice these skills.

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