Data Network threats, attacks and Defence systems

Weekly progress report

Name: Sheikh Hasan Arefin
Project Title Data Network threats, attacks and Defence systems
Week No.: 08 Date: 02/05/2021
Milestone Planned Actual Comment
Final report preparation. ·         Research articles are being reviewed in the report.

·         Structuring and styling of the report.

·         Work on results and methodology section of the final report.

·         The best 15 articles that are relevant to the topic is being reviewed for the final report.

·         Identify the methodology as well as the overall significance of the study.

By Following the proper guidelines and having an accurate aim the formation of the report is done.
Description Date: Action/Results Finished (Y/N)
The review of selected 15 papers for recognizing appropriate outcomes for the study increased the issue of complexity.

Insufficient data, problems in finding relatable papers are the issues that arise.

02/05/2021 1.      Reflection the research articles are presented in the report.

2.      The research article involves the features and their importance, limitation that are displayed in the report.

3.      For the review of the research articles, the selected papers have the Q1 ranking and are collected from the CSU library.


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