Data Network threats, attacks and Defence systems

Name: Sheikh Hasan Arefin
Project Title Data Network threats, attacks and Defence systems
Week No.: 7 Date: 25/04/2021
Milestone Planned Actual Comment
PPT Draft Formatting. ·         Styling the PPT draft.

·         Presentation slide of Draft PPT and contains the literature review.

·         Selection of best 8 papers.

·         Formating the slides of PPT according to the appropriate headings.

·         Formation of the Introduction, methodology and Literature review slide.

Aim to provide an accurate ppt with efficient formatting of the slide.

The development of guideline-based PPT.




Description Date: Action/Results Finished (Y/N)
·         Issues that are arising at the time of PPT formation are the collection of data from the research paper.

·         A one line review from the research paper is not very easy to write and identify.

25/04/2021 1.      8 papers are collected from the CSU library.

2.      Analysis of the 8 papers for writing the review.

3.      Specified data is written in the paper.

4.      A deep content presented in the slide notes about the presentation slide.




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