Data Network threats, attacks and Defence Systems

Weekly progress report

Name: Sheikh Hasan Arefin
Project Title Data Network threats, attacks and Defence systems
Week No.: 09 Date: 09/5/2021
Milestone Planned Actual Comment
Discussion and system verification table is achieved. The discussion in the report is formed.

The collection of components after the analysis of 15 papers.

Verification table is drawn after the research of 15 papers. 15 papers help in the effective table formation.


Analysis of the evaluation, component and classification table for the effective content in discussion.

The discussion and the system verification table are drawn on the basis of the guidelines.
Description Date: Action/Results Finished (Y/N)
The analysis of the 15 paper for the formation of system verification table is the arising issue.

The analysis of different table for the formation of discussion is the time taken process.

09/5/2021 Common factor are identified and on the basis of this system verification diagram is considered.


Analysis of the table is considered for creating the effective discussion.



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