NAME: Sheikh Hasan Arefin
Project Title: Data Network threats, attacks and Defence systems


WEEK No: 11 Date:23/05/2021 May 23, 2021
Milestone Planned Actual Comment
The milestone of week 11 was to achieve the completion of discussion and draft for the final IEEE report format. The planning involved in week 11 for completion of discussion was dividing the comparative analysis part into subheadings and for completion of the draft of the final report will include the explanation of the classification table and evaluation table. The completion of the discussion will involve a small description of the classification table, evaluation table, and comparative analysis of the various author’s articles that were selected to perform analysis. The draft of the final report in IEEE formatting was done carefully.
Description Date Action/Results Finished(Y/N)
The issues faced in week 11 was regarding performing the comparative analysis in the discussion was time taking process. May 23, 2021 The result of week 1 will involve the completion of discussion and draft of the final report in IEEE format YES

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