Acts of Kindness

Title: Hello! A Counting Book of Kindness

Author: Hollis Kurman, Stephane-Yves Barroux (Illustrator).

Publisher: Walker Books Australia

Publishing date: 5th August 2020

ISBN: 9781913074999

Ages: 2-5 Years.

What if a place got so scary that we had to run away?
Hold my hand and count to ten
Together we’ll make it better again!

The picture book follows a refugee boy and his family on their journey to a safer place. It counts the acts of kindness which helped the family along the way, from the boat to counting the friends at their new home. The book asks the reader to think of ways they can be kind to refugees and finishes with a list of organisations that work with refugees. Parents or teachers may use the book to help children articulate the journey some refugees go through to arrive on safe land and to introduce the idea of refugees and inclusivity. A must-have for a multicultural library!

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