Insurance & Other documentation


The University provides insurance for students doing a placement. Policies and relevant documents on the University’s insurance pages. Please refer to the Workplace Learning section on this page for a copy of the most up-to-date Charles Sturt Students Workplace Learning Insurance letter. If you require Certificates of Currency then please contact the WPL Admin team.

Please note that academic and WPL administration staff do not have the legal expertise to answer specific insurance questions a host may ask.

Evidence of a student’s enrolment in a WPL subject with a professional placement requirement

If your organisation needs evidence of a student’s enrolment and participation in one of our workplace learning programs, a Verification of WPL requirements form has been provided to students which a relevant staff member will sign off on for you.

Other documentation

If your organisation has specific forms, agreements or other required documentation in order for our students to undertake a placement with you then please contact our WPL Admin team.