The role of hosts

Workplace learning is a highly valued component in the education of the School’s Information Studies and Teacher Librarianship students and¬†placement hosts play a critical role in supporting this.

We encourage, and support, the students to self-select a placement organisation where they think they can gain some valuable on-the-ground knowledge and skills relating to their individual professional goals.  They are asked to share an up-to-date CV with potential hosts and discuss their professional goals with you prior to their placement to assist you with deciding if your organisation is a good fit for them and if they are a good fit for you.

If a placement request can be accommodated, then we ask you to develop a suitable program (for 10 working days) which would enable them to progress their learning journey in the real life workplace setting under a suitably qualified professional. Ideally the placement will also benefit the organisation.

The development of a suitable program needs to:

  • balance the professional goals of the student with their level of knowledge and experience;
  • have achievable and realistic outcomes within the timeframe of the placement; and,
  • consider how the placement student can contribute meaningfully to the goals and needs of the organisation.

The program can look like a timetable/schedule for the students’ placement period such as this sample program. This is for a student in the Master of Information Studies program. She has undergraduate qualifications and work experience in the area of graphic design. The student’s professional goals include developing, presenting and evaluating one storytime and craft session with toddlers in a public library context.