Data Network threats, attacks, and Defence systems

Weekly progress Report


NAME: Sheikh Hasan Arefin
Project Title: Data Network threats, attacks and Defence systems


WEEK No: 4 Date: 03/04/2021
Milestone Planned Actual Comment
This week’s target is the literature review of the next 5 papers out of the 15 papers. Planning for this week submission is similar to find the next 5 relevant papers. The papers are availabele in the CSU library and all of them has the open access which is also an important criteria. This works helps in establishing a connection from the topic more effectively and also helps to understand how review of the papers should be done.
Description Date Action/Results Finished(Y/N)
Issue with this week’s submission only occurs if the 30 papers had not been selected properly. 03/04/2021 By submitting this week’s work will helps in the better understanding. YES



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