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Hello Everyone !!

I am Sheikh Hasan Arefin currently perusing my Master of Information Technology with a specialisation on Network Security at Charles Sturt University. Reason behind choosing this major is my sole interest and passion about the security systems in data networks. With the rapid advancement of technology the security measures are also increasing and changing rapidly or we can say that the security premises are the top most concern in any network systems specially in this era where everyone is more or less very much concerned about their data security. As I was working in data centres for the last 5 years closely with variety of security devices among different data networks, I got a chance to experience the real impact and importance of the network security perimeter’s among any distributed network system. Along with my grown up real life experiences my interest also grew up towards security sector and with a focus to that I chose to do a detailed review project on security. In this blog you can find all of my weekly progress reports and report of my review project. Don’t forget to write your valuable comments and further advice in addition to my project.


Sheikh Hasan Arefin

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