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Graduate Learning Outcomes

 Study at CSU is only one step on our students’ journey, and one day they will be leaders of their professions, and leaders in their community.

That’s why teaching at CSU is more than just providing job skills.  It’s about preparing our students with qualities that we associate with university graduates, such as being reliably informed, a good communicator, job ready, a lifelong learner and a citizen of the world.

Helping our students acquire these qualities is not only important to CSU, it’s important to the Australian Government, which is why all universities are required to include the development of graduate attributes in their curriculum.

How do we help our students acquire these qualities?  The same way as we help them learn everything else, through learning outcomes.

Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) are often already present in CSU courses and subjects.  This site is designed to help you make the teaching and assessment of GLOs more explicit, and to offer some ideas and strategies to engage students with the GLOs.

Got some better ideas?  Please let us know and we’ll share them with our colleagues.

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Cultural Warning

Users of this site should be aware that it contains images and voices of deceased persons which can cause sadness and distress to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and offend against strongly held cultural prohibitions.