Have you experienced distress during an MRI?

Who is the researcher? My name is Johnathan Hewis and I am a Senior Lecturer in Medical Imaging and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate at Charles Sturt University.

Why is this research being done? Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are an important tool that help to diagnose and monitor a wide range of health conditions and injuries. Some people who undergo a MRI find it to be a distressing experience. This research is seeking to understand the experience of people who became distressed during their MRI scan.

Who can participate? If you are over 18 years of age and have had a MRI scan within the last six (6) months that was distressing, Johnathan would like to speak with you about your experience.

What does the study involve? If you are interested in helping with this research, Johnathan will contact you and arrange a convenient time and place to interview you about your experience.

Interested? For more information please refer to the Distress in MRI Participant Information Sheet or contact Johnathan Hewis via telephone (02) 65829346 or email jhewis@csu.edu.au

Alternatively you can email Johnathan using the contact form within this website.

Charles Sturt University Research Ethics Committee has approved this project.  The protocol number for this study is H19498.  If you have any concerns or reservations about the ethical conduct of this project, you may contact the Committee on Tel: (02) 6338 4628 or via email at ethics@csu.edu.au

Any issues you raise will be treated in confidence and fully investigated.