Effective assessments

Effective assessment examples


Ensure your students demonstrate the application of Digital Literacy concepts, by mapping assessments to elements of the GLO.

Task GLO Element
Develop an online community in your subject to encourage peer interaction. Use a subject specific wiki where students are asked to find and share information and/or resources on an assessment topic while also commenting on contributions. Digital Communication
Encourage students to brainstorm a code of conduct for respectful interaction in online forums and discussions. This low stakes task can be done individually or as group work Digital citizenship
Ask students to self select technologies to collect, curate and display their research on a topic. Part of the task would be an explanation and justification of why they chose to use a particular medium to communicate their research. Digital proficiency
Ask students to create a blog in Thinkspace and to post to it regularly about their learning of the subject content. They can use it as a place for reflection about their own learning journey through the subject. Digital proficiency

Digital communication

Ask students to prepare a digital essay on a topic. This is a piece of writing designed to be read on a screen and incorporating multimedia and hyperlinks. Students show their understanding of the affordances offered in the digital environment. All
Task groups of students to develop an online subject specific module using a wiki. Using images and other digital material will demonstrate their understanding of attribution, copyright and the use of intellectual property. Communicating effectively with other students in the group will be part of the process. Evidence of each member’s contribution is included in a digital portfolio Digital proficiency

Digital communication

Access use and manage information ethically and legally

Build a professional eportfolio that will be extended and enhanced through their study to showcase work, highlight projects or collections of resources and create a personal online ‘brand’ to take into professional life. Digital citizenship
Curate a collection of discipline specific resources using a digital platform as an alternative to a traditional annotated bibliography. Digital proficiency

Access use and manage information ethically and legally)



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