Benchmarking at CSU

Welcome to External Benchmarking of Assessment at CSU

This site provides information and guidance for external benchmarking at CSU.

CSU is required under legislation to complete benchmarking for selected units for all accredited courses over the next seven years to assist in assuring quality. Legislation about external benchmarking came into effect as of January 1, 2017.

Leaders in each Faculty have been appointed to liaise with faculties to ensure this happens. Please contact the lead in your faculty for more information.

Faculty of Arts and Education: Chris Orchard

Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences: Dr Jenny Kent

Faculty of Science: Dr Rachel Whitsed


Benchmarking in the Higher Education sector  includes:

  • peer review of assessment – assessing/calibrating learning outcomes through peer review
  • program review – assessing/calibrating program-level outcomes to support accreditation and curriculum review
  • benchmarking – assessing/calibration of data and process to assure and improve standards
  • professional body review – assessing/calibrating professional bodies to support professional accreditation

All higher education institutions are required under the Higher Education Standards Framework (2015) to undertake comprehensive reviews of all accredited courses of study. These review must be overseen by peak academic governance processes at least every seven years. All accredited courses of study must be reviewed and must include external referencing or other benchmarking activities. Review and improvement activities include regular external referencing of the success of student cohorts against comparable courses of study, including:

a. analyses of progression rates, attrition rates, completion times and rates and, where applicable, comparing different locations of delivery, and
b. the assessment methods and grading of students’ achievement of learning outcomes for selected units of study within courses of study. (HESF, 2015, Section 5.3.1,4).