ETL402 – The most practical and enjoyable subject so far…………

I never thought I’d be admitting that I enjoyed doing an assignment before but here I am doing exactly that. Maybe I should wait until I have the results back but regardless of the marks I feel that it was worthwhile doing. I am loving the opportunities to explore new genres through the modules. I am in a primary school context but am also wanting to explore the YA fiction too. When I have more time to read for pleasure I have a list ready to sink my teeth into. Graphic novels and wordless books are proving to be irresistible at the moment. With at least 50 titles I would like to buy for the school library.

At the end of last term I found myself discussing my current Uni subject with enthusiasm with my work colleagues in the staffroom. I was talking up the benefits of using wordless picture books (my focus for assignment 1) and giving examples for the particular topic they were planning for. They were super receptive and keen to take on the suggestions. One teacher who was not directly involved in the conversation said “see this is why we need a qualified librarian”. This teacher is our federation representative and said she’d love to bottle up the conversation and use it the next time anyone questions the need for school libraries and librarians.  Winning!!!!

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