Digital Preservation – Submission 2

In the best tradition of our Master of Education (Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation) I would like to share my Assessment 2 submission.

In the creation of this assignment I discussed heavily with my PLE. Yvette's PLE

For this assignment we had to create a Microsoft PowerPoint to present to a group of people who had no knowledge of Digital Preservation. It could only be 12 content slides long and had to be presented in a 30 mins time slot with an accompanying script and annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography was meant to act as a handout for session participants and needed to have a variety of rich media and text resources that a layperson would find helpful.

It helps to be creative when you have limitations like the number of slides, especially if you know how to use the software well, so I also included layered slides – which meant that I only used 12 slides (plus a cover slide) but in fact had 15 slides for a presentation point.

Please note that this assignment was completed in 2014 and in all likelihood the resource sites will need to be reviewed for currency.

Digital Preservation slideshow Yvette Drager

Digital Preservation Script Yvette Drager

Digital Preservation Annotated bibliography Yvette Drager

What has not been included is my reference list, which was extensive 🙂








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