Creative morning breakfast – Theme 22 ‘Colour’

Assessment 5 (2nd post)

Creative morning – Theme 22 ‘Colour’
Colour is ageless – disrupting hierarchies and creating connections

Guest speaker – Jo Pollitt

At 24 Jo Pollitt convinced Qantas (airlines) to lend her a plane at Hobart airport. Since then she continued to follow up insistent ideas, including having 3 children. She is the co-creator of BIG Kids Magazine, featuring the work of artists and children side by side and fronts the dance-writing project co-works. She mentors emerging artists nationally and teaches her response-based improvisation to final-year dance students at WAAPA. Her roles as dramaturge and choreographer are driven by a relentless curiosity to reveal the physicality of imagination.

What happened at #cmper

This particular creative morning had the amazing choreographer and artist Jo Pollitt talking about her journey with colour and its impact on her creative life. She spoke around the challenges of being a creative person in a modern world, and showcased some marvelous works around the theme of colour and how it impacts on the design and feel.

The audience was from all walks of life and all ages, which lead to interesting discussions and very different points of view when design and the use of colour was discussed. It was fantastic to have one of the organisers children introduce Jo, in-particular  as a focal point of the presentation was about the Big Kids initiative. This is a magazine where kids worked as co-collaborators with artists to produce the Big Kids magazines. The kids held crucial roles in the magazine such as senior editor. The senior editor has now become to old so has passed the leadership of the magazine over to the new senior editor (5 years old). Not only were children engaged in the design of the magazine and the layout of the content but were also part of the creative team where many children’s artworks were used as the response art project alongside ‘main stream’ artists such as Stormy Mills.

Cover image for into the dark magazine
Into the dark

One outstanding activity was all about our personal favourite colour (we had identified this on registration as part of our name tag). Jo had us pull out from under our chair a copy of Big Kids magazine we opened it to a specific page, which was blank but related to ‘pitch black’ darkness of night. Jo let us know we were going to draw our colour using only the graphite pencil under our chairs and we had to have our eyes closed. After our 47 seconds of drawing time we showed/shared our results.

Thoroughly enjoyable and dynamic morning that held a great deal of inspiration for everyone (see below link for photos).

Some images from the event:

Twitter chat

Event takeaway thoughts:

  • Location, location, location. It was an interesting choice of a venue as it is not open to public (in the BankWest Place) but it was close to public transport and easy to find and access. This made it very easy for all attendees to make the 8:00 AM start time.
  • Good food. It always helps to ensure that food is filling and tasty, which was met in abundance. As this was a breakfast event egg and bacon muffins and vegetarian options were available as well as fresh fruit.
  • Creative name badges: The name badges not only had a place for you to write your name but a place for your favourite colour, which then created a starting point for your first conversation with new people.
  • Last point – colour matters, it shapes our lives and everything we do.

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5 thoughts on “Creative morning breakfast – Theme 22 ‘Colour’”

  1. Wow, two amazing events. I love the concept of using colour as a theme, and adding a colour to your name tag to start the conversation. I can see so many uses for this in lesson and professional learning design. What creative concepts, and what thought provoking blog posts.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      Colour was an awesome theme. I have to say the activity that I described I used a similar sort of activity with a group of online trainers in a synchronous session about accessibility. Instead of drawing the colour they had 35 seconds to describe the nominated colour, amazing responses.
      I do urge you to try and seek out a ‘creative morning event’ if you can as they are amazing and you connect with so many exciting and different people from all walks of life.

    1. Tahnks Patricia,
      The Big Kids magazine is completly awesome and meeting one of the junior artists on the day was a realy treat. Such exceptional talent.
      Jo’s son only draws in graphite or blue pen, and the point she made was not everyone sees the world the way you do. As teachers we need to remember that every child does not need to use ALL the colours in their pencil case to be creative.

  2. Wow, I wish that Brisbane had these creative coffee meets (I may have to contact the person who has started the ‘contact’ but not done anything with it yet and see if we can get it going.)
    Like others, having a theme of colour is an awesome idea. You have made me think about have a coffee meet at our Cafe Edmund (which is run by the Yr 12 boys) every second Friday morning around a theme.
    Thanks a million for generating a gazillion new ideas in my head on how to run these.

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