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As outlined in my initial immersion activity, Giuseppe Corica Pastries is in a converted corner shop in Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia. The bakery is in the heart of Northbridge near the nightclub district and is opposite a very large tavern. There is very limited street parking in the area but is located near two parks. There is a large amount of high density housing near the bakery and some very old small houses. The clients for this bakery range in age from the very young to the young at heart (80+). It is a dynamic and multicultural area that has seen much done to improve the streetscape and general feel of the Northbridge zone by the municipal local government.

The building has recently gone through a major refurbishment; including the exterior being painted lime green, which the bakery more noticeable. Inside there are new counters and the walls have been painted a deep aubergine and there is a bulkhead over the counters, from which the suspended lighting is attached, that is also painted lime green. The colours work well with the new wood fixtures overhead lighting is designed to highlight the display cabinets and to give a warm feeling to the clients.

Immerson blog post

Immersion notes floor plan

Image of building

Design problem

Knowing that this building was originally a corner shop both the interior design and the frontage of the building means that there are a number of potential issues, some of which are outlined below:

  • no seating

  • no coffee or beverage area

  • two sets of curved stairs that are slippery in the wet weather

  • no adequate signage

  • security grid giving imposing frontage to building.

Design brief


To make the shop floor design and shop front setting for Corica Bakerybe better utilized by customers.


Known unknown

  • Permissions needed to change building structure

  • Building codes for entrance doors and stairs for coffee shops

  • Building and health code permission to change to an eating place

  • Actual number of ‘accidents, spills or injuries’ resulting from clients using stairs

  • Outcome of risk assessment conducted by workplace (OHS access and egress).

Knowns knowns

  • Twin staircases are slippery when wet

  • Limited signage means clients unaware of accessibility ramp.

  • Entrance door allows wheelchair access.

  • Only one entrance door allows wheelchairs as the other door leads only to a staircase


Primary considerations:

  • The shop front needs to be aesthetically pleasing and inviting to clients as well as being functional. Pehaps even the consideration of sidewalk cafe seating to exapnd on the original foot print of the bakery (Lawrence, 2014).

  • Shop interior needs seating for people, either waiting for orders or consuming baked goods, which would include the consideration for expanding the business to include hot beverages.

In light of the “How might we” questions document (D.School, Stanford) some alternative questions related to this project come to mind:

How might we…

  • make the bakery more like a cafe?

  • make the shop front more inviting?

  • redesign the stairs to make more accessible to people in all seasons?

  • create the auditory environment to be something that will add to the ambience?

Ideation – Ideas for Redesign of Bakery

  • Change shape of staircase

    • Modification to the existing staircase. It is recommended that the staircase is built to follow the curve of the structure already in place. this will assist with the entering and exiting of the building (, 2014)

  • Change location of signage for access and egress,

    • Redesign the signage to make it clear the location of the  accessibility ramp and and entrance. (, 2014)

  • Change layout to include cafe seating

    • Move counters further back into the shop freeing up floor space towards the front of the shop creating a space for cafe tables

    • Close off completely and convert that door to a window space for light. Once this door is closed off it will assist in freeing up further floor space

  • Implement music to improve environment stimulation

    • Human Environment relations is a very crucial factor in the interior design process of a successful eatery. Environmental stimulation within the bakery is lacking with no consideration given to either visual or auditory stimulation. Music is often a create the ‘mood’ of a space (Clark, 104). As the interior design has just been updated a sound track in the background could augment the environment and make the clients experience within the bakery even more pleasurable.

Brain trust members

Shannon Campbell

Liz Crowder

Yvette Drager

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3 thoughts on “INF536 Assessment 3 – Design brief”

  1. Hi Yvette

    This popular bakery does seem to have much potential for improvement and you have outlined some excellent ideas for upgrading to a café. I wonder if you have made suggestions to the owners? They may be quite open to the idea of incorporating coffee into their business – I assume otherwise you have to go somewhere else on the way to work. I’m curious as to why they have not gone down the coffee route – do they not feel it would add anything or are they so busy and popular it hasn’t occurred to them. It certainly is a comprehensive brief!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful bakery! Playing devil’s advocate here, what if the current clientele doesn’t want seats in there or music? What if coffee etc. is seen as a diversification too far?
    It certainly sounds like the bakery would benefit in many ways from following through on your concept. The entering and exit reference above is valuable for education purposes as well as commercial ones.
    Thanks for the thinking you’ve provoked.

  3. I like how you’ve set out your known unknowns & known knowns. It’s clear that these need to be considered in a re-developed bakery-cafe of the kind that this appears to be. There’s some clear ideation happening as well.

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