INF536 Assessment 2 – immersion task

30 minute immersion task – Design for a purpose

It is interesting task to observe a place that I have frequented often over the past 9 years to buy the famous Corica Strudel for our team’s morning tea. Giuseppe Corica Pastries is located in Northbridge, Perth. It is in a converted corner shop with family dwelling at the rear.

The building has recently gone through a major refurbishment; including the exterior being painted lime green, which the bakery more noticeable. Inside there are new counters and the walls have been painted a deep aubergine and there is a bulkhead over the counters, from which the suspended lighting is attached, that is also painted lime green. The colours work well with the new wood fixtures overhead lighting is designed to highlight the display cabinets and to give a warm feeling to the clients.

On the outside Corica’s is very imposing (flickr image) because of the security fencing around the outside of the building. Though this is functional it does give you the feeling of entering a jail.

I observed many patrons coming and going over the 30 minutes. It was interesting to note that there is an access ramp to the left hand side of the building; however, none of the elderly patrons used it to access the shop. The patrons chose instead to climb the stairs, which were slick due to the rain and concrete surface.

The layout of the shops refit has really streamlined the space and everything was fit for purpose. There is no designated in or out door, as there are two front doors people did seem a little confused by this entering and exiting the building. Children took delight in running through the opposite door to their parents.

There is no seating area or designated ‘waiting zone’ for pickups of larger orders, which added to the confusion of the mid-morning rush that I watched. Also it is purely a bakery and does not offer coffee or any cold beverages.

Floor plan
Floor plan sketch of Corica bakery

Link to Floor plan on Flickr

Very interesting experience, I look forward to any comments.


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  1. Hi Yvette,
    This was an interesting post. It seems like the bakery is famous in the area and does quite well despite the “jail-like” feeling you describe upon entering. It sounds as though the mid-morning confusion is the main problem that could be fixed by design. This is interesting because it contrasts to the streamlined interior you describe. I look forward to your thoughts on how to reduce the confusion. Helen

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