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data extracted from 15 peer-reviewed scientific publications describing about physical mac layer

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peer to peer revised 15 related articles and data extracted from 15 peer-reviewed scientific publications describing about the 5g technology

5G in Brief

5G technology will be a future wonder along with many other wonders in present tech world. It’s been a long journey for 5G, as it started from 1G and then continued onto 2G,3G,4G and now 5G. 5G is expected to provide not only speed but also more efficiency,consistency, high bandwidth and range,etc…

 This 5G technology is more improvised version of all the other generations.

Why 5G?

 5G is going to change the whole world with its various functions which we never expected before. High network speed which is a lot more than the existing 4G can be seen, high limit, and ease per bit .It underpins intuitive media, voice, video, Internet, and other broadband administrations, more compelling and more alluring, and have Bidirectional, exact movement measurements. 5G innovation offers Global access and administration transportability. It offers the amazing administrations because of high mistake resilience.