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Using Widgets

Widgets allow you to add, arrange and remove items from the sidebar(s) of your blog. They are useful for adding menus and other custom features to your site.

Widgets can be used for a range of different purposes including:

  • Helping visitors find information on the blog via a Search widget, pages widget, category widget, tag widget
  • Engaging users with fetured content via Quiz widgets, Pet widgets, Text Widgets
  • Providng links to useful or featured resources via Page Menu Widgets, Links widgets
  • Featuring an Events Calendar for important dates
  • Providing Book lists via Shelfari bookshelf
  • Providing Subscription features so users can subscribe and be alerted to new posts via the email subscription widget
  • Displaying recent comments or posts via the recent comments widget or the recent posts widget
  • Tracking visitors to your blog via ClustrMaps, Flag Counter, Feedjit Live Traffic Feed.

How to add a widget

Adding a widget is as simple as:

1. Go to Appearance > Widget in your Dashboard.

Adding Widgets

2. Click on the sidebar you wish to add widgets to.

Adding Widgets

3. Drag the widget you wish to add from the Available Widgets into the desired Sidebar.

Adding Widgets

You drag by click on the widget with your left mouse and moving the widget. Drop the widget when you see a dashed line appear – this indicates the widget is in place.

4. The widget will automatically open. Configure settings as required and click Save and then Close.

Adding Widgets

5. To open and close a widget click the small arrow on the right side of the widget.


How to remove a widget

Removing a widget is as simple as:

1. Go to Appearance > Widget in your Dashboard.

2. Click on the small arrow on the right hand side of the widget you want to remove.

3. Click Delete.

Removing Widgets

This returns the widget to the Inactive Widget area.

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