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Using Plugins

Plugins extend and expand the functionality of your blog, including adding social media, adding features such as calendars, wikis, forums and podcasts and capturing statistics.

CSU Thinkspace includes a large collection of Plugins that you can select from to add the perfect features for your particular blog/site. All plugins installed on CSU Thinkspace have been thoroughly tested and customized to ensure they are compatible and don’t cause problems. You can’t upload custom plugins to your blog, but you make choose from this compatible collection.

To Activate a Plugin

1. Go to Plugins > All in your dashboard

Add Plugins

2. Click on Activate below the plugin you want to use.

Add Plugins

3.  Some plugins have an administration page where you can set options specific for that plugin. Others will allow you to add widgets to your sidebar (See Appearance > Widgets) or customize other features on your site.


To Deactivate a Plugin

1. Go to Plugins > All in your dashboard

Deactivate Plugins

2. Click on Deactivate below the plugin you want to switch off.


For further information about Plugins see:

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