Case Study 6 Reflection

Sunday marked the final time that we would engage with our group for the case studies. The task was to discuss this week’s topic in our group space and then post our individual responses into the Module 6 forum. Perhaps not surprisingly, there was no discussion around the case study within our group wiki or blog space, with the group members choosing instead to post directly to the forum.

Upon reflection of our group participation this session, I realise that there did not appear to be any really strong personalities within our group and there was no clear leader within the group. Perhaps, in some ways, we employed a distributed leadership model, but overall, I feel that as a group, we lacked motivation which resulted in almost no discussions around our case studies. Unfortunately, our wiki space became merely a place in which to dump our responses, after which a self-designated member would collate these and pop them onto the module forum. As I had never used a wiki space, this is probably one of the things I was most looking forward to. I was really keen to see how these could be used to facilitate group learning. I do wonder if we were all new to this type of collaborative work and whether this could have impacted the way in which we worked in this space.

While as a group we have not discussed our perceptions of how our group worked together, I am keen to read my fellow group members final blog posts to learn how they felt about the process, and if their thoughts were similar or different to my own. I believe that it could have been a much more meaningful experience if our group members were to engage more fully. However, while my initial response was to feel frustrated, I did come to appreciate that everyone has different time constraints, ways of approaching tasks, experience in these types of learning environments and motivation to participate. I myself am guilty of not initiating conversations to get to know my group better, something I wish I had done.

While this experience was not what I hoped it would be, it was an opportunity to grow my knowledge of leadership styles, interact more closely with my peers, and try my hand at being a leader.

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