ETL 504 – Initial thoughts

After reading Liz’s blog post, I thought I would just pop down some of my own ideas about the subject – ETL504 – Teacher Librarian as a Leader. As I commented on Liz’s post, when you have no experience with a particular topic, idea etc. it can be easy to form your ideas and opinions based on what is being presented to you. In this case, I am engaging in a subject called Teacher Librarian as a Leader, so my first response was to go ahead and assume that teacher librarians are leaders. However, reading Liz’s blog prompted me to ponder over this a little and consider what I have observed of Teacher Librarian’s, since I haven’t worked as one as yet.

Do I think librarians are leaders? In ETL503 and ETL401, I learnt about the importance of advocating for the role of the teacher librarian. I really hadn’t considered a librarian to be a leader before I undertook these subjects. My experience of teacher librarians suggests that they are not leaders, at least not in the schools that I have worked in. However, if we can embrace the task of advocating for our role as a TL, and embrace the opportunity to showcase and share our skills to others, perhaps we might just be recognised as leaders within our school.

I am curious to learn more about how the TL can be a leader within his/her school. While again, I have not practical or theoretical knowledge of this topic, I am confident that I will complete this subject, just like I did in my previous subjects, armed with an array of new knowledge, awareness and skills to help me move successfully and confidently into my new career as a teacher librarian.

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