What is Web 2.0?


The  definitions of Web 2.0 all agree that is the second generation of the world wide web, i.e., the 2 stands for second, being the second stage, or second generation.  This second stage of the world wide web takes its users from static information pages to using it for social media allowing people to share information online.  It has opened a whole new world for people in social use and educational applications.

Anderson (2007) lists six  key areas of Web 2.0;  these being blogs (often used as personal diary entries or an online journal);  wikis, (which can be edited, the most well known being Wikipedia); tagging and social bookmarking;  multimedia sites,(amongst the most  well known are YouTube and Flickr); podcasts; and RSS.

Some of the most popular features from a classroom perspective are blogs, podcasts, wikis and message boards.  Blogs are becoming more and more common place, in both educational and personal use.  They are similar to an online writing journal about a particular subject.  They can be used for an educational purpose, for example between students and teacher, or can simply be used with a group of people with a common interest.  There is a blog for almost any subject imaginable today.

Podcasts  are often in the form of a recorded lecture or similar information.  Any distance education student will attest to the value of podcasts.  They are the lecture you can have without having to physically attend an educational institution and are invaluable to helping students feel connected with their lecturers.  They also give the student the added advantage of allowing them to replay the recording as needed.

Once again the message board, or forum as it is often called, is the distance education student’s best friend.  It allows students to post questions, receive answers and comments and help each other out.  It is also widely used by students studying on campus.  Once again it is a social media site that allows a group of people with a common interest to share views, ask questions or receive advice.




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