INF506 – Social Networking

INF506 – Social Networking

If I had to describe what social networking was to me in one word, it would be “scary”.  As a mature age student I am the first to admit I suffer from a good dose of technology anxiety.  After some research I have come to the conclusion that social networking is using an online service or website to contact or connect with people who share the same interests whether it be personal or business, including study interests.

If appears to me that to an extent it has replaced the traditional form of letter writing, sending photos and greeting cards.  One of my friends lamented to me that she never gets any birthday cards anymore, it is all either a text message or a message on facebook.  Another work colleague told me she joined facebook to stay in touch with her relatives interstate and overseas, as it is the only way she gets to keep up with what they are doing now!

The social networking I have attempted so far have been mostly limited to facebook and my online learning journal or blog. The first blog I ever read was when I was searching on Google for teacher librarian courses, and I came across Judy O’Connell’s “Hey Jude” blog!  It was a great source of information.  I have also view LinkedIn, as many friends with their own businesses use it as a form of networking for their businesses.

I chose to do this subject in an effort to broaden my horizons and to force myself to confront my fears! I find once I become comfortable with a particular application I thoroughly enjoy it; it is simply a matter of getting past the initial stress! I put that down partly to growing up in an era when computers were a luxury not part of our everyday life.  My young son has no such hesitation; to him words such as wiki, facebook and skyping are part of his every day experiences even though he is still in primary school. My main goal is to become more comfortable and familiar and competent with social networking and learn about the applications in particular that we will be using in our roles as teacher librarians.




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