ETL501 Blog Entry

ETL501 Blog Entry


I have been amazed at how many website evaluation models I have found since beginning a search for them.  I must admit, I do tend to be a bit of a “just goggle it” so it was particularly enlightening for me to have reinforced that there is much more out there by way of obtaining information than simply one search engine!

I  agree with what Herring (2011) is saying about Teacher Librarians (TL) needing to evaluate websites and information first before it is deemed suitable for the school library, as the TL has the responsibility of overseeing the information that is made available for the teachers and students in the school.

I particularly like the idea of students preparing their questions, or doing mind maps or concept maps before they begin searching, or before they get to the library, so they are not wandering aimlessly around the cyber highway looking for information.

As discussed in the assignment, whist no one set of selection criteria will meet all student’s needs, it is certainly a good starting point in what could be an overwhelming task of trying to sort out relevant information.


Herring, J.  (2011). Web Site Evaluation: A Key Role for the School Librarian

School Library Monthly/Vol. XXVII, No. 8/May-June 2011.

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