Data Network threats, attacks, and Defence systems

Weekly progress Report

NAME: Sheikh Hasan Arefin
Project Title: Data Network threats, attacks and Defence systems


WEEK No: 2 Date: 19/03/2021
Milestone Planned Actual Comment
Submission for this week is the literature review of the remaining 15 papers from the 30 papers. Review of those papers which are relevant as well as published in last 2 years. The papers selected are of Q1 quality which ensures their authenticity. This week’s submission completes the basic Literature review part.
Description Date Action/Results Finished(Y/N)
No issue occur while completing this task as papers have already been selected the previous week. 19/03/2021 From the 30 papers, the review of the remaining 15 papers has been completed, and as a result, this review helps knowledge enhancement. Yes



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