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Final Blog Post!!

Incorporating technology in the classroom has profoundly changed the way teachers are able to educate and communicate with their students (Wilson & Randall, 2012, p. 1), and it will continue to change as technology advances. It is a daunting task for a teacher to be able to keep up with all of the new technologies […]

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Interview with a Student

To learn more about the Laptop Program at this high school, I conducted a short email interview with past students. I asked some basic questions to see if they would elicit any type of response – negative or positive. I tried to make the questions short and open-ended, so the interviewee could focus on whatever […]

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Creative Beer Evening! Blog Post # 4

Those that attended my meeting: a high school teacher a nurse practitioner a retired railroad worker (my grandfather) an art store manager an art store employee a retired clerical worker My grandfather, being the 86 year old social butterfly that he is, gets together with some people on occasion to chat, eat food, and drink […]

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Blog Post 3 – Design Brief

Background The Family Resource Center is a library located within Golisano Children’s Hospital. The library was created four years ago with the intent of being a place for patients and families to go to learn about new conditions that had been diagnosed. They would have access to recent and reputable medical information under the guidance […]

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Blog Task 2

This isn’t part of my morning commute, but it is something that is very important to me. While I could not be a perfect observer (you have to be a patient or a family member of the patient), I could still observe new patients and families entering the library at the children’s hospital as an […]

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Blog Task 1

(a) Describe a Problem Space The Health Sciences Library at SUNY Upstate Medical University is a large academic library that serves not only the faculty at Upstate Hospital (doctors, nurses, etc.), but also students and professors of the university, and the general public. It is hard to cater sufficiently to all three diverse communities, but […]

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Designed for a Purpose – Module 1.3

Upon first entering the cafe & bake shop – Panera – it’s pretty clear where you need to go to order, which is nice. They have a really large menu that even I can read (woohoo!) and a bunch of tasty treats on display as you are waiting in line to order. It’s very strategic […]

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Impact of Space – Module 1.1

The library in the children’s hospital where I work is very small, yet it has a lot of great and comfortable furniture, and tables for activities. Not two days ago I was given the task of creating a “game night” every Tuesday for patients and families. This game night will have some sort of theme […]

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My situation at the Children’s Hospital

So I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the places we have to post things. Here is my attempt to consolidate everything…. Here are pictures of the space I work at: It is a children’s hospital library. It’s very small but the furniture can be easily moved, and is moved quite frequently for wheelchair access […]

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Figuring it all out

YIKES!! Lots to learn with attending this new University from a distance (overwhelming, yet mostly exciting).  Currently, I’m in my bedroom in Liverpool, NY, USA, trying to make sure I have all the accounts set up for INF536 and trying to make a schedule so I stay on top of all my work! This has […]

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