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Just add water


If I want something to grow in my garden I will ensure it is situated in a suitable place, it is firmly sitting in the soil, is protected from harm, is fed with essential nutrients and, of course, is watered. With regular attention my plant will grow. But there is probably no point in growing my plant if I don’t learn to appreciate it and understand what it is trying to achieve. It could produce the most succulent of fruits but should I not notice it or learn about harvesing it, then I will not fully take advantage of why it was grown by me in the first place.

The same could be said of a Professional Learning Network or PLN; a network of connections for life long learning. A support crew of like minded individuals who are there to connect, converse, collaborate and create. It is something I need to grow to enable the shift to a 21st century learner and educator.

The first step is to take hold of some suitable tools that will help establish the firm ground for a PLN. A few more tools will protect the PLN from harm and with a good supply of participation, communication and appreciation I should see some rewarding fruits begin to develop. What can be harvested from the PLN? Not sure yet, but it promises to be very satisfying. And how big will the PLN grow? Well, that all depends on me. 

Photo Credit: seyed mostafa zamani via Compfight