Knit one, pearl one.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Leanda Xavian via Compfight

As I sit in the lounge chair, contemplating the intricate pattern of a scarf I am knitting, I am suddenly struck by the complexities of the the woolly pattern that is developing before me. Surely my repeating pattern of knit one, slip one, knit one, pass slip stitch over has not ultimately produced such a beautifully crafted, functional garment? How could such simplicity produce a complex network?

It is here that my train of thought suddenly diverts to the complex structures of the internet’s web. The simple line of connectedness of one person as they weave their way through the links of information to form a complex path of knowledge acquisition. The beauty of that knowledge as it grows into a functional wealth of understanding and critical thinking. But where is the collaboration? Where have I linked into the path of another and allowed my thinking to meld into the thoughts of others? What beauty could I help weave if I allowed myself to blend into learning pathways of others?

I look back at my knitting and reach for another ball of wool. The weave of another colour would make my scarf look exquisite.



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