The connected educator

2.1 Defining the connected educator

To become a connected educator means that you have first become a connected learner. As a connected learner you have developed personal learning networks, you collaborate online, you use social media to interact with fellow learners and educators, and you share what you have learnt. It seems that collaboration is the key to being a successful educator. Collaboration implies there is an intense sharing within a group for a common goal. The group members have unique skills to share with the group and with that sharing, knowledge is constructed and shared with connected learners.

As a connected learner I have some shifting of thoughts and action before I can become an effective connected educator.  My thoughts and actions are still very much in the realm of co-operation; the task is common, the group is structured and I could be easily replaced. As a 21st century learner I need to be more open and findable. I need to develop connections and be more willing to share. This sharing should not happen just online but also within my workplace with my colleagues, students and community members. As well as being mindful, sharing and a contributor, I need to be courageous enough to express my thoughts, knowledge and opinions. In becoming a 21st century connected educator my understandings will deepen, my connections will expand, my thoughts will be global as well as local and I will have opened the classroom door and abandoned isolated teaching practices.


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