Personal reflections #1

DSCN2334 As I reflect on the first weeks of study for the Master of Education course, I think back to last year when I first considered taking on this journey. My motives at the time were to challenge myself with something that could further develop ‘me as a teacher’, yet at the same time allow me to  feel some sense of personal achievement. I chose the Knowledge Networks and Digital Innovation focus as it fitted perfectly with my professional direction of eLearning.

The deliberate submergence of students into the online world of social media, blogs, forums and information repositories has certainly left me bobbing in the world wide web pond. As I paddle around trying some new approaches to communication and knowledge development, I have felt an overwhelming sense that I am at the start of something significant in both my professional and personal life. It seems that the move forward to become a 21st century educator has begun and I am stepping into it at a very important time for education in Australia.

In much the same way the students will be challenged with evolving digital literacy needs, information ecosystems and collaborative learning, I am being challenged to understand the importance of these changes in our education system. I am no longer the purveyor if knowledge through the mystic of being the all knowing teacher. My challenge is to develop new pedagogical practices that enable students to engage in learning that is self directed, through multiple mediums and encourages a positive approach to life long learning.

The journey starts….

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