Discovering philosophy of information

1.2 The philosophy of information

The authors, Floridi, and Brown & Duguid, have challenged the thinking of information as a ‘knowledge received or communicated’. The nature of information discussed in the presented readings pose several challenges but the three that concern me personally are
1. The physical nature of information – Rather than thinking of information as data processed, stored and transmitted or communicated, information seems to have taken on a physical form that can be owned or traded.
2. The power of information – Knowledge/education can empower and provide agency. Information can provide knowledge and with this knowledge the owner could assume power over others with less information. Centralisation of information could imply greater capacity for power.
3. Dephysicalisation of identity or form – By 2047 …. all information about physical objects …. will be online. (Gordon Bell and Jim Gray). Is this implying that physical objects will become redundant as any information regarding them is known? Could this also include the emotion involved in seeing or touch that object?

As a member of our information society I am a little perplex how I could address these points I personally find challenging. Some thought include –

As an facilitator of learning, I could ensure that the web as an information source is viewed as merely a tool in a students education? Perhaps this is a small drop in a big pond. Already large corporations are amassing ownership of data rich companies and are using that data to gain information about that they should develop, sell, buy or even make redundant. How can students view it as a tool when they see corporation using it with such power.
As an educator I could help students to empower themselves by learning how to control the flow of information they use. With control education become relevant to them and they maintain their uniqueness in a world that may promote uniformity for ease of management.
As a teacher I should encourage balance in a students life – that the web is one of many aspects of their journey through life.

As a member of the information society I should model good practices.

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